Thinking about getting help writing your book? Wondering if a ghostwriter will really be able to capture your voice? After all, it’s your book, not somebody else’s.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to hire a ghostwriter who will get your ideas on paper in your voice.

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If you’re stuck on finding the right person to help you finally, finally get that book written and published, then by the end of this video, you’ll know the 3 most important qualities to look for in a ghostwriter to help you write a bestseller

I’ve ghostwritten multiple international bestselling books, I’m Ohio’s first and only Certified Ghostwriter, a TEDx Speaker, and I’m the only Ghostwriter on the planet to use writing analytics software to capture and authentically recreate an author voice.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get your book written and published and in the hands of people who can’t wait to read it.

The first key to hiring a ghostwriter who will get your ideas on paper in your voice is to find a ghostwriter who listens to what you want in your book, then helps you hone your ideas so they’re ready for publishing.hese ghostwriters make you sound better and smarter without injecting their opinions or views into your book. Basically they “hear” between the lines of what you’re saying, and can tell you what it’s going to take to move your audience to take the action you want. And you want your audience to take some sort of action as a result of reading your book, right? This also means your chosen ghostwriter MUST be an expert on the publishing industry. For example, the right ghostwriter can help you navigate BISACs. BISAC codes are the official categories and headings used within the publishing industry around the world. You’ve already seen this on the back cover of most books. Now, each BISAC already has hundreds if not thousands of books in it, in that category, and that means there’s a corresponding audience of readers with expectations of books in that category. Your expert ghostwriter will help your message come through authentically AND appeal to the audience of readers in your chosen BISAC.

For example, I recently ghostwrote a health and wellness book that became a bestseller in Canada. The BISAC we selected for the book was “HEA019000 HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition / Weight Loss.” Even though it was a general health and wellness book, the recipes it outlined are most useful to people who want to lose weight, so we massaged the content in the direction of the type of people who are going to get the most out of the book and—this is super important—are already looking for books like hers. The right ghostwriter will help you write the best version of your book, for the best audience most likely to buy so many copies that you’ve got yourself a bestseller!

On the flip side of this key, DO NOT hire a ghostwriter who considers YOUR book, theirs. These ghostwriters will try to tell you what you should say. They listen to you, but then write something completely different from what you intended. Then when you challenge them, they say, “Well, I think you should say it this way. My way is better.”

Comment below and tell me about your book! You never know—your ideal readers might even be watching, notice your comment, and decide to pre-order your book. Yes, that really does happen.

The second key to hiring a ghostwriter who will get your ideas on paper in your voice is to find a ghostwriter who recognizes and respects your voice. The world’s elite ghostwriters understand that ghostwriting is more than writing a book and slapping someone else’s name on it. In fact, professional ghostwriting is not that at all! Ghostwriting…is acting in print. That means, when your ghostwriter hands over the finished manuscript to you, nobody can tell you even worked with a ghostwriter. Even single line reads like you wrote it. I know, because my own authors constantly tell me this!

When words like these come out of your mouth about YOUR ghostwriter, you know you hired the right one!

On the flip side of this key, DO NOT hire a ghostwriter who thinks all writing is the same. Now, you can usually spot these so-called ghostwriters because they just call themselves freelance writers; they’re not actually ghostwriters, much less publishing industry insiders who “get” your book idea and can help you turn it into something you’re proud to launch into the world.

And the third key to hiring a ghostwriter who will get your ideas on paper in your voice is to hire a ghostwriter who charges premium rates and therefore won’t be taking a cut out of your book sales. Be willing to invest in a seasoned professional with a track record of commercial success and with connections to publishing. Your book is worth more than a cheap freelancer on Fiverr. Like Tom Haverford says…

On the flip side of this key, DO NOT hire a ghostwriter who uses any of the following words in their ghostwriting services pitch: “affordable,” “inexpensive,” “cost effective,” “reasonably priced,” or “budget friendly.” Also, avoid ghostwriters who say they’re fine getting paid from sales of your book—because then what happens is they write their book, not yours. Besides, if being cheap is all someone can offer you, they don’t actually know how to write a bestselling book, much less how to write it in someone else’s voice!

One of my clients told me about a business partner of his who decided to go the cheap ghostwriter route. He paid some freelance writer he found on Upwork $5,000 to write his book. When it was done, and the first proof copy was printed, he read it for the first time—also something you should never do. Never let your ghostwriter write the book in one chunk. You should have a say in every chapter, going chapter by chapter. So, this business man got his book, and he read it cover to cover. And you know what he did? He took the book out onto his back concrete porch, doused it in lighter fluid, and set the thing on fire. That is not the fate I want for your book.

Now you have every key you need for hiring the right ghostwriter to help you write a book you can be proud of. But should you follow through and hire someone? After all, ghostwriters are an investment. Want to know how much of a return you can expect to make off your book? Head on over to the Ultimate Book Revenue Calculator, the world’s first book ROI calculator showing you how much you can really make by writing and publishing your book. Just click on the little box in the corner of this screen or the link in the description box below.

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