I just finished ghostwriting my 50th book. Here’s what I learned about becoming a successful writer.

You’re an entrepreneur with big ambitions. You not only want to sell your book, you also want to sell your services, raise your profile, and increase your speaker fees. And you want to do it fast with a high level of control over the process.

That’s precisely what Joshua Lisec, one among few famous ghostwriters, offer aspiring authors. Having recently finished book number fifty, here are 7 lessons from best selling authors and famous authors and their books. Some like Bushra Azhar are among the best authors of the 21st century, according to Book Authority. Others reached the best selling authors 2018 list, the best selling authors 2019 list, and the best selling authors 2020 list.

If you want to become a successful author or learn how to make millions writing a book, take this advice from writers to heart. Famous authors today featured in this video besides Bushra include Grace Smith, Ramesh Dontha, Andrew Stickel, Lisa Carpenter, and Jenn Scalia.

These are authors of the best online marketing books, the best books on health and nutrition, and popular fitness books. Some were these authors first books. You’ll certainly be surprised by what education is needed to become an author.

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