Chat with 50-time Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec about writing a book that generates easy chiropractic leads.


You’re a chiropractor with big ambitions.

You want a busy, thriving chiropractic business where you’re helping lots of people, having tons of fun, and making a good living.

Over the past few months, chiropractic marketing has been a challenge.

A lot of chiropractor leads call around for prices, and you’re never the cheapest, so it’s a waste of time.

Chiropractic marketing companies and chiropractic ads experts tell you to offer these big chiropractic offers and packages with tons of visits over a short period, and that feels a little unethical.

More and more chiropractors are wishing they could figure out how to get more chiropractic patients and master digital marketing for chiropractors to build their practice.

I’m about to share an online marketing for chiropractors strategy you haven’t heard before. That means your competitors running expensive Facebook ads for chiropractors haven’t either.

And that strategy to stand out, get found by the people who need you the most, and earning what you’re worth is writing a chiropractic patient education book.

Authoring a book adds so much credibility and authority right at the beginning of your relationship with each prospect.

Your book gets you noticed in the first place; your business stands out from all the other because nobody else in your area has a book like you do.

Imagine you’re someone who needs chiropractic care. Just about anyone you find on Google can crack your back and fix your sciatica or get you relief from carpal tunnel. How do you know who to choose?

That’s what your clientele are thinking, and that’s where your book comes in. Your book on chiropractic care for sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome demonstrates you as the go-to expert, a credibility authority they can trust before they’ve set that first appointment.

People aren’t going to waste a minute longer looking for another chiropractor because you are obviously the one and only expert in your niche.

Writing a book also prevents churn. You know how it goes: People come see you, you fix the issue that brought them in, and they stop coming. Yet you know there are so many other ways you can help them feel their best.

A book can educate your existing clients and sell the value of everything else you offer—and even paying out of pocket for it.

Authoring a book is also a timeless marketing effort. You only have to get a book into someone’s hands one time. Come back two years later or ten years from now, and it’s still on their shelf.

Your book is a real, tangible asset in an increasingly digitized, artificial world. Nobody’s going to throw out a book the way they do a postcard advertisement, and the book itself only cost you $2 or $3 to print.

Using a book you wrote once to generate easy leads for the next decade is way cheaper than hiring a chiropractic funnels agency like Chiroup to keep making new chiropractic marketing materials, building yet another funnel, and tweaking your chiropractic marketing calendar. You have to constantly redo your social media marketing for chiropractors because people stop noticing your ads after a while.

OK, you’re thinking you should probably write a book. Then what? What do you do with it? How do you put your book in people’s hands, and then turn those people into clients for life?

Here are 7 ways chiropractors get easy leads with their book.

  1. Find non-competitive businesses where you can give away your book in their waiting area or as part of their new customer welcome package. Imagine giving copies of your book to HR departments at your city’s largest employers. Because when someone is injured, they usually refer to their benefits package before calling a Chiro. If your book was there talking about the exact pain they’re in, guess who they’re going to call? As a bonus, you already know they have coverage, so they don’t need to price-shop you.
  1. Share your book with your hood. When I get a marketing postcard or flyer in the mail, I tend to throw those out. However, imagine getting a book. You probably wouldn’t toss it in the garbage. Even if it wasn’t useful today, you’d put it on the shelf and grab it when you need the information, right? So imagine the power of dropping your book in the precise neighborhoods where you know your ideal clients live. When they need a chiropractor, they’ll see your name on their shelf first.
  1. You can also give away your book for free online and get the word out through Facebook ads. Free plus shipping funnels are ridiculously profitable because people pay a few bucks to cover the postage of the free book you’re giving away, and that amount also covers your cost to print the book. When someone requests your book, they’ve identified themselves as someone who needs your services right now. Since you’ll get their phone number and email address, it’s easy to follow up with a warm prospect!
  1. Send your book to event organizers to get speaking gigs in front of your ideal clients. According to, even speakers starting out earn $3,500 per speech. So you’re literally getting paid to market your business to an audience of qualified leads who view you as a trustworthy expert before you say a word.
  1. Send your book ahead to a prospect you’re about to meet with because it helps you close bigger sales at a higher conversion rate.Your book is written to prehandle the most common objections about you, your credibility, and the efficacy of your services. Simply by getting a copy of your book to a client as a free gift shows you care about them and, just as importantly, you know what you’re talking about.
  1. According to Nielsen, word-of-mouth marketing is 92% more effective than any other type of marketing. Writing a book allows you to guarantee word-of-mouth. Here’s what you do. Give three copies to your favorite clients. It’s a great way for them to remember to refer business to you because even people who love you forget to word-of-mouth market unless you give them an easy way to do so.
  1. At events and tradeshows, give your book away at your table and in your grab bags. Or if you don’t want to rent a table, often you can get promotional items such as your book into the grab bags guests get at the door.

By this point, you’re probably wondering, what should I write my book about?

One of the best topics to write your book on is how to choose the right company in your industry or geography. You’ve been around long enough that you’ve seen customers get taken advantage of by sketchy folks trying to make a quick buck off people who don’t know better. You can help your target market know better—by ethically teaching them how to find, vet, and ultimately choose the right company for their needs.

And that’s just one out of dozens of profitable book ideas we could come up with during our free Profitable Chiropractor Book Roadmap Call.

At the end of our sixty minutes together, you’ll know the exact right topic for your book so one glance at the title sells your clients on reading it.

You’ll also have a step-by-step plan to leverage your book to skyrocket business in your unique niche and convert readers into repeat clients who refer new business.

So if you are a chiropractor interested in making a bigger impact and generating dramatically more practice revenue while staying true to your values . . .

. . . chat with 50-time Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec about writing a book that generates easy leads.