Are ghost writing services all you need to launch a successful book? No, says 50-time published Ghostwriter and Publishing Expert Joshua Lisec.

Hiring a memoir writing coach, working with a Reedsy book editor, reading books on how to get published, and reaching out to a book editor and publisher are not enough . . . IF you don’t have these other essential book consulting roles in place.

What roles are we talking about here?

As a personal writing coach and ghostwriter, Josh Lisec regularly performs up to EIGHT roles with authors. He’s more than a Ghostwriter.

To his author clients, Joshua also offers

  • on demand consulting for working persuasion techniques psychology into your book
  • the benefits of hiring alpha readers
  • the experience of a book therapist (ghost writing services clients regularly call Joshua Lisec their “ghost therapist”)
  • the high-level business expertise of a fractional executive, AKA fractional cmo, cmo services, fractional ceo, fractional coo, part time ceo
  • the counsel of a brand strategy consultant that goes well beyond the book
  • the publishing consultant expertise of someone who’s helped over 50 authors get published as a book consultant

In short, if you think you need more than a ghost writer to get your book published and in the hands of readers, you’re probably right.


Ask 50-time Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec if your book idea is any good.