In Episode 1056 of Coffee with Scott Adams, Dilbert creator and New York Times bestselling books author Scott Adams shouts out Professional Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec and his work documenting A Digital Bill of Rights.

In a previous episode of the Scott Adams Periscope podcast, Scott suggested a Digital Bill of Rights in a previous episodes because we need a new system of rights for the new, digital age.

Here is the abridged Digital Bill of Rights.

  1. Video evidence of a crime is not admissible in court unless both the prosecution and the defense agree that it shows what happened.
  2. There is a maximum five-year ban from any digital platform, regardless of offense.
  3. You have the right to know the identity of your online accuser.
  4. You are the only one who has the right to tell your opinion.
  5. Nobody can be guilty by digital association.
  6. You cannot be blamed for any digital reproduction of something that happened over twenty years ago.
  7. Single source reporting must be self-labeled.
  8. Any news reports corrections must be as prominent as the original story.
  9. If you try to organize a boycott against any company, your own identity must be public.
  10. It is illegal for news organizations (not an individual) to show a video or audio recording that is edited to change context or meaning.

Ghostwriting services expert Joshua Lisec restructured and refined Scott’s first draft of the bill into an open source Google Doc, which you can find here: A Digital Bill of Rights

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