“Joshua, that’s more valuable to me as a freelance writer just starting out than the $2,000 course I took.”

That’s what a freelance writer relaunching her career after a decade as a stay-at-home parent told me today.

What was the tip I gave her for how to get clients as a freelancer.

Watch this video to find out.

I guarantee this is a technique for how to get clients for a new business is one you have not heard before.

And it will blow the lid off everything you thought you knew about how to find clients online.

About how to get your first client (or next customer).

About how to get clients fast and how to get projects from clients.

This video is particularly helpful for new freelancer writers, freelance ghostwriters, and freelance copywriters who want to get freelance writing gigs or blog writing jobs from home.

Here’s a hint. Ghostwriter Josh Lisec will have you use a self editing checklist and a client outreach process to find clients online, whether those are freelance copywriting gigs or freelance ghostwriting jobs.

So watch all the way to the end!


Make your client projects write themselves. It’s not software; it’s a system. That system is The Best Way to Say It.