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By the way, you can read Ed’s review of my program here, A review of the best persuasive writing course on the internet.


A couple of weeks ago, former pro boxer, author, and popular Twitter influencer Edward Latimore and I talked persuasive writing techniques.

We covered persuasive business writing, copywriting tips for beginners, persuasive tactics for sales pages, and the big 5 persuasive writing techniques to remember for all content you create.

We also talked about my effective communication course, The Best Way To Say It, which helps you learn copywriting by watching me write and edit actual copywriting examples. You’ve never seen persuasive communication taught like this.

During our interview, Ed Latimore and I (and the persuasion course itself), go beyond the basics of copywriting for beginners anyone can find on Google. Nor do we rehash “highlights” of persuasive writing courses you’ve already bought or tell you to buy yet another persuasive training you’ll never use.

We’re all about teaching you to persuade. Win the click, win the scroll, win the sale. In The Best Way To Say It, I use an Ed Latimore book chapter as an example showing you how.

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