The Story of Wyandot Chief Leatherlips | A Forgotten Family Story of an Ohio Wyandotte Chief - The Entrepreneur's Wordsmith LLC

This video breaks away from the usual book writing and publishing advice you’ve come to expect from this channel.

Recently, I recorded a Twitter Live broadcast in which I shared the story of my Wyandot chief ancestor, Leatherlips. At the center of this forgotten family story lies the Chief Leatherlips burial site, where my brother and I had a remarkably unusual encounter.

Wyandotte chief Leather Lips led one of the last Native American tribes in Ohio. Having played a pivotal role in the formation of the State of Ohio in 1803, Leatherlips hope to experience peace between the Wyandot people (also called Wendat) and the young United States of America. But as the Indian reservations in Ohio were encroached upon by settlers, some saw Leatherlips as a threat to the Wyandot tribe and to other Ohio Indian settlements, Native American reservations in Ohio, and Ohio native american sites.

In this video, I tell my family story based on carefully collected Ohio Native American tribes maps, Ohio Indian villages maps, and family stories dating back to the old chief himself. Wyandot Indian pictures, Wyandot art, and Wyandot Indian names also make appearances in this video.