The Best Way to Make Money Tweeting | How to Monetize Twitter Tips from Ed Latimore Interview - The Entrepreneur's Wordsmith LLC

The Best Way to Tweet It shows you how to get clout, get noticed, and get customers on Twitter.

Do you know the best way to make money tweeting?

In this Periscope recorded live, Twitter tips expert Ed Latimore and persuasive writing maven Joshua Lisec team up to teach you how to monetize Twitter.

Because what worked for how to make money on Twitter 2019 has changed for how to make money on Twitter 2020.

And yet it hasn’t. What works to get Twitter engagement always works. It’s not about finding a way to get paid per tweet or hacking Twitter affiliate marketing.

It’s about persuasion. And that’s exactly what Ed and Joshua discuss in this interview. We get into Twitter marketing tips, Twitter marketing examples, whether or not a Twitter marketing service is any good, the best Twitter brand strategy and Twitter marketing tools every entrepreneur needs.

You’ll also learn about The Best Way to Tweet It, the new Twitter marketing course that merges Ed’s never-before-shared start-to-finish Twitter income creation strategies and Joshua’s persuasive writing system.

Because you don’t have to beg for attention, pay for retweets, plagiarize big accounts, or message “please follow back” to make money tweeting.

In short, go from crickets to cash without tweeting like someone you’re not. It’s a complete persuasion system to tweet better, get noticed online more, and turn followers into buyers.

The Twitter course will work for you even if you’re not yet sure how to use Twitter for beginners or you’re just now learning about marketing on Twitter.

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