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Ask Joshua if your book idea is worth pursuing.

Here are the three reasons you should NOT author a book:

  1. The book idea is just yours, you “just want to do it.” The best books are ones people have been begging you to write for years.
  2. You have no audience, you can’t get one, and you don’t want one.
  3. Your book idea has no potential for spinoffs or upsells.

So you want to author a book. You’re out here going for the best writing a book template.

If you’re new to authorship, you want to know how to start writing a book for beginners, how to write a nonfiction book, how to write a self help book, how to start writing for beginners, how to start writing a book about your life, or how to start writing a nonfiction book.

But first things first. Do you know your reasons to write a book? Should you figure out how to write a book in a month? Is being an author a good career? I mean really?

Yeah, you got the wheels turning with a free book ideas generator, but how can you trust that any of those nonfiction book ideas are any good? Which non fiction book topics are actually worth writing about?

What if you’re fiction? What to know before writing a novel, you’re wondering.

There’s a lot to consider before authoring a book. Fortunately, Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec helps you find your way.


Ask Certified Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec if your book idea is any good.