The Last Word on How to Title a Book or Course | Using Jobs To Be Done Framework to Title Your Book - The Entrepreneur's Wordsmith LLC

So you want to title your book, and you want it to be a good one.

Or your online course! You’ve been looking for advice on how to do online workshops, create an online book, or run with a course outline template that’s actually worth turning into the real thing.

While Joshua Lisec has a book title generator using keywords available to help you title a book with some real life book title examples that can help you figure out how to title a memoir and create an online course whose title does it justice, this video is not that!

Instead, Joshua talks about the jobs to be done framework and how it can help you with creating online courses for profit, whether you want to know how to create an online course to sell, how to create an online course outline, or simply how to create an awesome online course.

The jobs to be done theory, JTBD framework for short, helps you find the exact right positioning for any book or course . . . and therefore give it the right title. The jobs to be done examples in this video are sure to help you pick the right title every time.