JTBD Meets Market Research | Uniting the Jobs to Be Done Framework & Your Market Analysis Framework - The Entrepreneur's Wordsmith LLC

The Best Way To Market Research It is the system for choosing the right idea, picking the best-paying niche, discovering the exact words to persuade those customers, and selling something you know they will buy.

Did you know that jobs to be done theory (JTBD theory) shows you how to do market research for a new business?

One of the biggest market research mistakes I see these days is entrepreneurs who do marketing research without a proper market analysis framework. In any industry, one of the essential market analysis steps is to rely on the jobs to be done framework.

In this video, I give you a twofold example of how to do market research before starting a business through a market analysis example and a real jobs to be done example.

The secret lies in qualitative research approaches. And in this jobs to be done video meets jobs to be done workshop meets jobs-to-be-done interview, Joshua Lisec pulls out his best qual quan research advice, emphasizing a relevant qualitative research example, so you can build will people will buy.


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