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If you know about Theranos, watched the Elizabeth Holmes documentary, or have been following all the Elizabeth Holmes news, you’ve probably heard of the tell-all celebrity memoir called Bad Blood.

That Elizabeth Holmes book shares all the ins and outs of the great Theranos fraud that has resulted in the Elizabeth Holmes trial.

This video is not about that Theranos book. Nor is it a Bad Blood book summary. Nor is it meant to be a sensational inspiration for some tabloid-style Theranos book about Elizabeth Holmes husband, with a dorky title like Bad Blood Holmes II: Badder Blood Comes Holme. Although that’s not half-bad as a graphic novel title . . .

So what is this video about? In it, ghostwriter Joshua Lisec suggests the Elizabeth Holmes book that SHOULD exist. If Holmes wrote a memoir, what would that memoir include?

Even more interesting, Lisec the ghostwriter maps that recommendation for his proposed Elizabeth Holmes memoir onto your own goal: write my memoir. Yes, Holmes’ Theranos story has some interesting pointers for those of us who are thinking, “Should I write my autobiography?”, “Can someone just write my autobiography for me?”, or “I am thinking to write my autobiography.”

Whether you clicked this video because you want juicy Elizabeth Holmes news or you want some unconventional advice on how to write my autobiography, how to write my autobiography example, or how to write an autobiography of myself example, this video offers you something you didn’t expect.