Ready to make money writing books without losing money on everything you sell? New authors often cannibalize sales of other products when they launch a book. Big mistake! It’s possible to learn how to create a course to sell that is separate from your new book so people will want to buy both. And in this video, ghostwriter Joshua Lisec shows you how.


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Is writing a book worth it? Depends on a different question.

Is writing a book profitable?

Often, no. But for non-obvious reasons.

Many aspiring authors want to figure out how to make millions writing a book. OK, cool. So what’s the best book launch strategy for that?

Some believe it’s to get a lot of presales. Others are convinced the right way to figure out how to write a book involves learning how to create a course to sell. Warmer . . .

The problem is, they launch a book online at the same time as a course. And people buy the cheaper book, not the more expensive course. Woops! You just cannibalized your own sales. Goodbye, upselling examples worth writing home about. Hello, book launch announcement that wasn’t worth the time it took to write it!

In this video, Joshua Lisec talks the worst book launch strategy of all time, the won that just about guarantees you won’t make money writing books: Kill your own sales of other products. Yeah, you become an author. And you probably won’t need much KDP help figuring out how to get your book noticed on Amazon or how to make money publishing books on Amazon.

But you will be wondering why your income dropped and why the old reliable upsells aren’t coming through. Because, again, why would someone want to buy your $99 course when they can get your $9 ebook on the same topic? Not smart to launch a book that way!

So while you will learn some book promotion ideas from this video, and you’ll find an example of how much do authors get paid for their first book, more importantly, you’ll learn how NOT to launch a book: create a course that covers the same topic as your book launch!