In this video, you’ll learn the top 10 ways they manipulate you. Learn to spot these emotional manipulation tactics and psychological tricks that work . . . so they won’t work on you.

My Twitter thread on manipulation tactics got 114,000+ views. So here are the first several tweets in the thread.

In this video, you’ll learn common manipulation tactics used for mind control . . . on you and me.

This isn’t so much a video on how to manipulate people as it is how to spot narcissistic abuse; specifically, the top 10 psychological tricks people with narcissistic personality disorder use, almost like a mind control meditation happening to you without you knowing it.

We all know toxic people who can’t seem to help but use emotional manipulation, particularly when it comes to manipulation tactics in relationships. The worse problem is when people intentionally use manipulation tactics psychology to inflict emotional abuse. They understand the psychological tricks that work, and they use those psychology tricks for subconscious mind reprogramming.

It it better to figure out how to persuade people ethically than to use subconscious manipulation techniques. That doesn’t matter to manipulative people. They do what they want anyway. Fortunately, Joshua Lisec Twitter account is here to save the day!