If you’re and indie author looking for writing advice on how to write a book and then self publish on Amazon KDP, watch this video.

Because you may not want to consider the traditional publishing process. How does traditional publishing work, you wonder? It’s opaque, to be sure. It also may not be the best way to write a book.

In this video on KDP vs traditional publishing, ghostwriter Joshua Lisec shares writing tips for young writers looking for writing advice from authors about how to publish a book on Amazon. For most people, it’s better to go with Amazon KDP publishing, AKA indie author publishing, than to look for a traditional publisher. In the self pub versus trad pub game, Amazon KDP keyword research wins over literary agent hunts every day.

These may not be the writing tips and tricks on how to self publish a poetry book, how to write a book in 30 days tutorials, or where to find gre analytical writing tips and tricks you were looking for, but this indie author vlog will help you figure out if self publishing is for you. Or not!