What does a ghostwriter do? Well, they try to make sure their client gets the most from their book writing and book editing services!

If you’re looking for book editor services or ghostwriting services and stumbled upon this video hoping for ghost writing examples on some ghostwriting websites, you’re in luck.

In this video, freelance writer and book editor Joshua Lisec teaches you how to use a ghostwriter. Because online book editing services near me where you hire a book editor should never be a waste of time or money. Professional book editing services, even those with high book editing services prices, ought to be worth it. And the best book editor Josh Lisec can teach you how to make it so.

So watch this whole video before you hire a ghostwriter, vet self publishing companies, look up freelance writing for beginners trainings, figure out self publishing a book totally on your own, or spend thousands self publishing on Amazon through a hybrid publisher. You are made for more.