Get the new IP book The IP Miracle by JiNan Glasgow George on Amazon today.

In this video, ghostwriter Joshua Lisec interviews the Neo IP founder JiNan George about her new intellectual property book.

If you are writing a book and are curious about how to protect a book title, this book and video for you. While the advice applies to all businesses, particularly authors with questions about copyright law for authors will learn a lot from this video and the book The IP Miracle.

For example, you probably have questions about:

– authors rights vs copyright
– author rights copyright best practices
– author copyright scams
– when to copyright my book
– do I need to copyright my book before publishing?
– do I need to copyright my book after publishing?
– can I trust any copyright for books example I find online?
– where does a book copyright go?
– should I copyright my book . . . ever?
– can I copyright my book for free?
– how do I copyright my book without hiring a lawyer?
– where do I trademark my book title?
– how to protect a book title with IP protection

Joshua and JiNan touch on a few of these in the video. But if you want to learn everything you never even realized you needed to know about IP protections for businesses and book authors alike, pick up your copy of The IP Miracle by JiNan Glasgow George today: