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Is writing a book worth it?

If you ask Raiford Palmer, the answer is an obvious yes.

When Raif first wanted to figure out how to write a law book, he thought about maybe hiring a book ghostwriter. Or maybe a book coach. Or maybe a book editor. Yeah, definitely book editing services.

Raif could have done the book himself. But how authors make money figuring out alone? Is that a thing?

How much do authors get paid for their first book without manuscript editing services? Is editing essential? How much do authors make per book on Amazon if they DIY self-publish? Do the numbers even check out? How much does an author make per book if they hired a book coach or not? What about how much do authors make for a bestseller? Do you need a #1 Amazon bestseller?

These and other questions, book editor and book ghostwriter Joshua Lisec interviews Raif Palmer in this video to specifically discuss how to make money writing a book.

It’s hard when you do it alone. Much, much less hard when you hire a professional.