How do authors make money? In this interview with Noah Revoy, you’ll learn how he was able to upsell readers into clients only ONE DAY after publishing his book.

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If you want to learn how to sell on Amazon and how to make millions writing a book, don’t miss this interview with Noah Revoy from the Natural Law Institute, formerly the Propertarian Institute. Because Noah was able to figure out how to sell his $4700 coaching package to a reader only one day after they bought his book.

Specifically, this reader wanted to learn how to teach concepts from Noah’s book to his network of entrepreneurs. The reader resonated with the ideas of Curt Doolittle presented in the book, known by their acronyms GSRRM and GSSRM.

In this interview with Noah and his ghostwriter Joshua Lisec, you’ll learn sales tips to maximize author pay. You’ll better understand B2B sales prospecting and upselling and cross selling from a book to your existing business. Even if you’re new to B2B sales prospecting and came across this video just looking for basic sales training 101 or sales training for beginners content.

Ultimately, the best sales training techniques for authors are also best for making money from books: Write a great book. And as Noah explains, “great” is a book that is accessible to general audiences and neither dumbs down the material nor overcomplicates it. So how do authors make money and how much do bestselling authors make per book? Well, that depends on how great your book is. Does the material cultivate desire for your services? Create a book worthy of that, and the question of how to sell on amazon for beginners begins that much simpler.