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Is a Book Editor Worth It?

In this video, ghostwriter and editor Joshua Lisec responds to a Reedsy ad purporting to teach you how to hire a book editor online and how to find a book editor near me.


So you’re looking for book editing services. Do you need to find a book editor? Do you find yourself googling “book editor near me” or “How to find a book editor and publisher”? How do you find a book editor online whose substantive editing rates are reasonable? What should a book editor cost?

Or maybe you should do self edit thing and figure out how to self edit your book. After all, how much does an editor change a book? Is hiring an editor for a book really worth it? I mean, what is developmental editing even?

These and other questions creep into your consciousness as you think whether or not to hire a book editor. I get it. Sorting top book editing companies, book editing websites, affordable book editing services, and cheap book editing services to figure out how to edit a manuscript for publication is tough. Hiring an editor for a book is no quick and easy feat.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just edit my book for free? The book editing process is pretty involved, so maybe self-editing for fiction writers is the best way to go.

In this video, Joshua Lisec shares his experiences working with aspiring authors about editors, ghostwriters, and who might be the best person to hire to finish your book. In particular, he discusses why hiring an editor does not result in more book sales. But he explains what does instead!


The Best Way To Self-Edit … Without Losing Your Best Work Or Your Mind.