Steve Eunpu met with ghostwriter Joshua Lisec to discuss how to sell 1,000,00 copies of your book, which Steve has done. These are nonfiction book writing and marketing tips you won’t find anywhere else.

This interview covers book marketing and self publishing tips that go against the grain. So if you’re looking up tutorials on how to write a book and publish it or how to write a book for beginners, this is the how to write a book video for you.

Because much of what Steve Eunpu, CEO of Linx Corp, and the Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec have to say may differ from other book writing tips, nonfiction book writing advice, and book marketing tips you’ve seen and heard, which advise trying to sell more books by selling one copy at a time.

How hard is it to sell a book? Really doggone hard if you’re promoting it one tweet at a time. The way for how to sell more copies of your book is all about distribution, whether yours is the first book to sell a million copies or the most recent million copy best seller.

If you want to know how to get your book noticed on amazon, then how to increase book sales on amazon, and finally be an author with some of the most sold books in amazon, watch this interview in its entirety.