“Bro, I’m hiring a New York Times ghostwriter! It’s literally gonna be the bestselling ghostwriter who does my book. I found him from this ghostwriting agency that literally guarantees me a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter, a like literally famous ghostwriter among the most famous ghostwriters of all time, will like literally be ghostwriting my book!”

An aspiring author told me this a few weeks ago. Did he get suckered into a common ghostwriting scam?

It’s looking that way. You don’t need to hire a ghostwriter or book editor who claims they wrote best-selling books. Because the freelancer those agencies place you with is an Upwork ghostwriter or Fiverr ghostwriter.

Yes, this is what they do. Your so-called professional ghostwriter who offers “literally” the best ghostwriting services of all the available ghostwriting services USA . . . is just a freelancer. Who may have never done a book before.

If there’s a video on how to hire a ghostwriter (there is), this video is how NOT to hire a ghostwriter.

Because that New York Times ghostwriter that the ghostwriting agency charged $250,000 to place you with is probably only getting paid $2,500 … or less.