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Writing a book is the new college degree, according to celebrity ghostwriter and ghostwriting expert Joshua Lisec.

To learn how to become an author of a book, look no further than this video. No, you do not need a special authorship credential for writing a book, knowledge of an author job description, book writing classes near me, a creative writing degree, or some other qualifications needed to be an author.

So, what education is needed to become an author? What education do you need to become an author? Any at all? How to become an author without a degree?

Your book IS your college degree, friend. Like a college degree, everyone now has a book. Yours has to be special. It doesn’t matter if you simply figure out how to write a book in a weekend or even how to become an author in one day.

Nobody cares!

The world only cares about what you can do for them. Otherwise, they’d have more fun browsing youtube shorts, youtube shorts 2022, or youtube shorts ideas.

Write a commercially viable book instead.