Write a book that converts readers into clients. Talk to 72-time ghostwriter Joshua Lisec: Talk to Joshua Lisec


“I’ve never seen anyone market on Twitter better than Joshua Lisec,” Scott Adams says on Twitter.

Why? On Coffee with Scott Adams, Dilbert creator Scott Adams asked me (@JoshuaLisec) my opinion on Stephen King. How could someone who write so well tweet so cringe?

My answer became a viral Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/JoshuaLisec/status/1554816135513751553

The thread began with the infamous photo of Stephen King Ukraine — the man himself in a Ukraine t-shirt. How to Fail at Everything author Scott Adams spent nearly 8 minutes analyzing the talent stacking visible in ghostwriter Joshua Lisec’s Twitter thread.

Of course, a talent stack is where you assemble multiple talents into one, like ghostwriting, Twitter marketing, hypnosis, and more.

This isn’t the first time Joshua Lisec made an appearance on Coffee with Scott Adams Live. Scott has interviewed Joshua on a Scott Adams Periscope back in 2019.

This video goes next-level, and you’ll learn a lot about Twitter marketing … and Stephen King.