Bushra Azhar Author Success Story

The Author

Bushra Azhar is a Persuasion Strategist and Founder of The Persuasion Revolution, where tiny businesses make big bucks, using Psychology of Persuasion. She started The Persuasion Revolution in July 2014 and managed to go from an absolute nobody with zero connections and subzero sales to $1M+ in sales, an email list of 23,000 and a buyer list of 4,000 in less than two years.

Bushra has been featured by Business Insider, Mixergy, Forbes, Copyhackers, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and The Female Entrepreneur Association.

The Book

Bushra Azhar is the author of the #1 International Bestseller Mass Persuasion Method: Activate the 8 Psychological Switches That Make People Open Their Hearts, Minds and Wallets for You (Without Knowing Why They are Doing It).

This book explores an entirely new and revolutionary approach to persuading the masses to do your bidding. To become a persuasion powerhouse, start by imagining the human brain as an electrical circuit with 8 psychological switches that all need to be turned on for an effortless YES. 90% of purchasing decisions in the buyer’s mind are the result of someone sparking that circuit into action.





“No matter how successful I am, I’m NOT an expert until I write my book.”

Sure, The Persuasion Revolution trucked along before we set pen to paper to unleash her book, but Bushra Azhard confided in me before we started, “Joshua, no matter how successful I am in business, I am NOT an expert until I write that damn book.” Now, her book is a 24/7/365 salesperson for her ideas, her brand, and her business on the world’s largest marketplace. Her expertise was FINALLY validated by people outside her own subscriber and customer fan club. And she’s reaped the rewards—her subscribers and revenue have skyrocketed. These results aren’t an accident of good luck. Here’s how we engineered Mass Persuasion Method to sell like crazy long before the publication date.

Way More Than “A Business Card”


Established Bushra's authority and credibility in the mass market beyond her tribe


Turned Bushra's book readers into booked clients by repurposing testimonials and case studies as "How To's"


Opened new doors of opportunity to speak and be featured at world-renowned publications


Gave Bushra the third-party validation she always wanted - Yes, she IS an expert!


Exposed Bushra's business and personal brand to the world's largest marketplace, acting as her own personal 24/7/365 salesperson


Shortened Bushra's flagship product launch funnels because paying customers - even customers who just bought a book - are significantly more likely to buy than non-customers

Creating massive ROI from a book takes more than good ideas

We partnered with Bushra to create the manuscript of her dreams without her having to do any of the heavy lifting (or writing). To do so, Certified Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec ran with her book outline, drafted new material to illuminate and illustrate key points, and turned client testimonials into “how they did it” case studies to enhance believability.

Just as importantly, Joshua recreated Bushra’s distinct author voice so customers, followers, and thought leaders recognized every word on the page as “uniquely Bushra.”

When completed, Mass Persuasion Method stood on the firmest of foundations – The 6 Pillars of Influential Content. While this model isn’t necessarily “new,” most entrepreneurs-turned-authors get lost in the nuances of how to build each Pillar into their book to create book launch hype, maximize book sales, and convert readers into buyers. These results meant everything to Bushra, and they meant everything to us as well…


Watch this video to learn how we built author Credibility, problem-solution Connection, Compelling stories, Counter-Industry ideas, a profitable Call-To-Action, and mass market Circulation potential into Bushra’s book.

Pillar 1: Built Bushra's Credibility without over-the-top self-promotion

We knew that if readers didn’t understand Bushra’s meteoric rise to online business success, they wouldn’t see the book’s message as unique. That’s why the book begins with an inspiring “how Bushra made it, and how you can, too” story.

Watch this video to learn how we built Bushra’s Credibility into the book.

Pillar 2: Created a strong Connection between book's key takeaways and readers' top expectations

Why do people buy books? To learn something, to feel something, to do something. Mass Persuasion Method delivers all three by presenting Bushra’s unique spin on an aging category – Consumer Psychology – thereby helping her entrepreneur readership solve devastating sales and marketing challenges.

Watch this video to learn how we built Connection into Bushra’s book.

Pillar 3: Wove emotionally Compelling stories and examples throughout the manuscript

Most freelance writers out there write their clients’ books the way THEY think they should be written. Certified Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec wrote Bushra’s book the way SHE wanted it written – and in her voice. As a result, readers couldn’t tell the difference. Mass Persuasion Method is 100% authentic Bushra!

Watch this video to learn how we built Compelling content into the book.

Pillar 4: Fleshed out Bushra's strong Counter-Industry stance

Did you know? Word-of-mouth marketing sells 92% more books than ANY advertising, marketing, or promotion. And do you know what gets people talking? Controversy. Bushra is already recognized (and adored) by her tribe for poking fun at online business “poorus,” Bushra’s term for self-proclaimed gurus who are full of it. That’s why we expanded Bushra’s Us Vs. Them message in Mass Persuasion Method. We explained why top experts get internet marketing so wrong and how she (and her clients) succeed by doing the exact opposite.

Watch this video to learn how Bushra’s book is as Counter-Industry as it gets.

Pillar 5: Constructed a strong Call-To-Action to send readers beyond the book

Writing a “page-turner” that made readers salivate for more was the mission, but we didn’t want the book to seem like a sales pitch. The #1 complaint about business books nowadays is that they’re all “what to do” without the “how to do it.” That’s why Joshua repurposed Bushra’s clients as examples as How-To’s. The book delivered on its promises, and readers opted into Bushra’s product launch funnel to learn more.

Watch this video to learn how we crafted a non-spammy Call-To-Action.

Pillar 6: Positioned the book for mass market Circulation

We structured Mass Persuasion Method to unite the BISAC categories Consumer Pscyhology and Sales & Selling – and their large readership. A top complaint about Consumer Psychology titles is too much theory, too little strategy. And a top complaint about Sales & Selling titles is too much hype, too little science. We designed every chapter of Bushra’s book to offer ONLY strategy and science, making everyone happy – and selling tons of copies as a result.

Watch this video to learn how we worked mass market Circulation potential into the book.

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