Jenn Scalia Author Success Story

The Author

Jenn Scalia is the go-to expert for entrepreneurs who want the world to know their name. As a visibility strategist for online business owners, Jenn rallies against every “need to” and “should” in business to help her clients maximize their impact. A self-professed introvert and single mom, Jenn went from rock bottom to building a 7-­figure business in three years.

Her tough love, no-B.S. business wisdom has appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur, INC, Success, YFS Magazine, Entrepreneur on Fire, Inspired Coach, FarnooshTV and numerous other outlets.

Your First Six Figures: Eight Keys to Unlock Freedom, Flow and Financial Success with Your Online Business is her second book.

The Book

Since the Recession, millions of women have launched online businesses to pursue their passions and earn a sustainable living. But for many, dreams of financial independence become a nightmare when their social media ads get ignored and product launches are met with chirping crickets.

Jenn Scalia was one of these women, barely scraping by as she struggled to turn her passion into an online business. After turning her back on the advice of so-called experts, Jenn finally saw success—and a LOT of it. In less than 3 years, Jenn’s business exploded to multiple 6-figures, then multiple 7-figures in total revenue.

In the #1 International Bestseller Your First Six Figures, Jenn teaches you everything she learned to go from rock bottom to household name.

International Bestseller

Authentic 5-Star Reviews



“There’s so many ways to market. There’s so many people saying you should do this or you should do that.”

So, why a book? Jenn realized that the best way to package a TON of practical wisdom – and help people get results – is a book. Together, we packed almost a decade of tips, steps, and strategies into Your First Six Figures so people outside her tribe would know she’s the real deal. That’s how authors earn new readers and win customers for life. So, how did we engineer Jenn’s book to activate the word-of-mouth marketing engine long before publication. Read on to learn our secrets.

Way More Than “A Business Card”


Created a one-in-a-lifetime PR opportunity to score FREE mainstream media attention


Converted book readers into booked clients through book-exclusive bonus resources


Established Jenn's expertise, credibility, and authority in the mass market beyond her tribe


Shortened Jenn's flagship product launch funnels because paying customers - even customers who just bought a book - are significantly more likely to buy than non-customers


Created a brand awareness campaign that reached the world's largest marketplace, making Jenn's book a 24/7/365 salesperson

Leveraging a book to create a movement takes more than good ideas

Jenn Scalia enlisted our help to structure, ghostwrite, and musical line edit her manuscript to perfection. All she had to do was send over her working book outline and share access to oodles of free trainings, online programs, and course video/audio.

In all, this potentially repurposable material amounted to hundreds of thousands of words. Where’s an author to start, right? Fortunately, Certified Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec was up to the challenge. Joshua interviewed Jenn before kicking off the project. She shared her vision for the book, and The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith did all the rest.

Joshua also recreated Jenn’s distinct author voice so customers, followers, and thought leaders recognized every word on the page as “uniquely Jenn.”

Ultimately, the manuscript attracted the attention of Australian celebrity entrepreneur Kat Loterzo (Katrina Ruth), who happily authored the Foreward to help Jenn score additional international readers.

When completed, Your First Six Figures stood on the firmest of foundations – The 6 Pillars of Influential Content. While this model isn’t necessarily “new,” most entrepreneurs-turned-authors get lost in the nuances of how to build each Pillar into their book to create book launch hype, maximize book sales, and convert readers into buyers. These results meant everything to Jenn, and they meant everything to us as well…


Watch this video to learn how we built author Credibility, problem-solution Connection, Compelling stories, Counter-Industry ideas, a profitable Call-To-Action, and mass market Circulation potential into Jenn’s book.

Pillar 1: Built Jenn's Credibility without over-the-top self-promotion

The most critical statement an author can make is, “What I’m about to teach you, I did myself.” We began Your First Six Figures with a novel-like narrative. This unique book opener SHOWS Jenn’s meteoric rise rather than TELLS it. It’s Storytelling 101. As a result, her readers couldn’t put the book down!

Watch this video to learn how we built Jenn’s Credibility into the book.

Pillar 2: Created a strong Connection between book's key takeaways and readers' top expectations

Rather than write a book about generic advertising, email, and social media marketing strategies, we pivoted Jenn’s material to speak directly to struggling female entrepreneurs. That’s why Your First Six Figures addresses not only her market’s practical business challenges, but their self-imposed mindset obstacles as well. Win-win.

Watch this video to learn how we built Connection into Jenn’s book.

Pillar 3: Wove emotionally Compelling stories and examples throughout the manuscript

Colorful, emotion-cultivating vocabulary makes for a page-turner. For Your First Six Figures, we infused relatable examples and vivid imagery into the content so readers felt a connection with the author. Learning is more than absorbing information, it’s communicating on the same wavelength. That’s why Your First Six Figures works.

Watch this video to learn how we built Compelling content into the book.

Pillar 4: Fleshed out Jenn's strong Country-Industry stance

Among her tribe, Jenn is loved and respected for her tough-love, no-BS style. Certified Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec made Jenn’s personality come alive in the material without overdoing it. Your First Six Figures declaws the product launch powers-that-be and explains step-by-step strategies to succeed without conventional wisdom.

Watch this video to learn how Jenn’s book is as Counter-Industry as it gets.

Pillar 5: Constructed a strong Call-To-Action to send readers beyond the book

One of Jenn’s goals for Your First Six Figures is qualified lead generation. Your First Six Figures matches the theme of her flagship program CAPTIVATE. But rather than copy the program name, we leveraged the book title to offer a specific result – your first six figures. “Your first six figures” is broad enough to encompass brick-and-mortar business owners, coaches, consultants, course creators, and service providers, all of whom are a perfect fit for Jenn’s paying tribe. In other words, Your First Six Figures acts as a “runway” to join Jenn’s premium programs, and that’s exactly what happened.

Watch this video to learn how we crafted a non-spammy Call-To-Action.

Pillar 6: Positioned the book for mass market Circulation

Jenn wanted to grab headlines and make Your First Six Figures stand out in her target categories. That’s why we tied her book launch to the global female business ownership trend. Of course, this wasn’t fake or contrived. That’s Jenn’s own story! Thanks to this strategic positioning, Jenn is now a powerful voice on an important international issue. Jenn even landed not one but TWO spotlights in FORBES to drive book pre-sales.

Watch this video to learn how we worked mass market Circulation potential into the book.

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