Lisa Carpenter Author Success Story

The Author

Lisa Carpenter, CNC, CSNC, Pn1, CPT, is the secret weapon for the frustrated dieters and driven achievers of the world. As a nutrition and life coach, she empowers her clients to connect deeply with their emotions, free themselves from judgment, and create lasting physical and emotional transformations. She inspires them to wake up to Full Frontal Living™ — a new mindset of conscious ownership of the decisions we all make around our health and daily life, as well as the emotions that drive them.

The creator of the E.A.T! Program, her signature weight loss and nutrition program, Lisa has been featured on CBC radio and news and was voted as one of the top online weight loss programs and coaches in 2016. She has spoken before many groups, including dentists, teachers, breast cancer survivors, runners, Ironman competitors, and other fitness professionals. Additionally, she has graced the competitive fitness and figure stage, placing first multiple times, along with a top-10 national level placing at the Fitness Universe competition.

The Book

Lisa Carpenter is the author of the #1 National Bestseller (Canada) Let’s E.A.T!: Break the addictive cycle of dieting, lose weight and make peace with food and your body… for life.

Let’s E.A.T! reveals a complete nutritional blueprint so you can break the addictive cycle of dieting, lose those stubborn pounds (and inches) and finally make peace with food and your body.

Through the psychology of addiction and uncommon sense nutrition, Lisa outlines a deprivation-free framework for breaking the addictive cycle of dieting, getting all of the nutrients your body needs to look and feel your best, and planning delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen or grocery aisle.

Complete with shopping guides, recipes, testimonials, and Lisa’s trademark “I call bullshit when I see it” style, Let’s E.A.T! offers the solution to food guilt, yo yo dieting, and body shame that millions of women have been silently wishing for.





“I’m an educator, not a marketer. I’ve struggled with marketing. The book becomes my marketing tool now!”

Lisa Carpenter wanted to expand her 1:1 coaching practice, and she saw having a book as the best way to shorten her lead generation funnel. She believes that knowledge isn’t power, it’s potential power. That’s why many potential wellness coaching clients objected to working with Lisa. It’s not her, it’s them! If only there was a way to convert prospects into paying customers, help them make easy changes, and prep them for premium 1:1 coaching. Together, Lisa and The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith created that way – Lisa’s first book was born. Here’s how we engineered Let’s E.A.T! to succeed long before the publication date.

Way More Than “A Business Card”


Empowered Lisa's readers to achieve quick wins, thereby preparing them to work 1:1


Created an "easy in" to mainstream media gatekeepers (and their millions of viewers and listeners)


Launched a one-stop marketing tool so Lisa never has to worry about messaging again


Gave Lisa the official validation of her expertise that every coach needs


Exposed Lisa's business to the world's largest marketplace, acting as her own personal 24/7/365 salesperson


Made a huge, lasting impact on the world by helping people overcome food additions

Converting readers into buyers takes more than a few tips

Lisa Carpenter’s 1:1 work with her clients is deeply personal. Naturally, her book needed to be, too. That’s why we combined Lisa’s practical nutrition blueprint with her own riveting life journey and before-and-after client health transformations – all without Lisa having to do any of it herself.

Certified Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec ran with Lisa’s book idea, wrote a full chapter-by-chapter outline, drafted completely original material around Lisa’s existing content, and “massaged” all of Lisa’s additions into the manuscript.

Joshua also recreated Lisa’s distinct author voice so clients, friends, and family recognized every word on the page as “uniquely Lisa.”

When completed, Let’s E.A.T! stood on the firmest of foundations – The 6 Pillars of Influential Content. While this model isn’t necessarily “new,” most entrepreneurs-turned-authors get lost in the nuances of how to build each Pillar into their book to create pre-launch hype, set her up for book sales, and convert readers into buyers. These results meant everything to Lisa, and they meant everything to us as well…


Watch this video to learn how we built author Credibility, problem-solution Connection, Compelling stories, Counter-Industry ideas, a profitable Call-To-Action, and mass market Circulation potential into Lisa’s book.

Pillar 1: Built Lisa's Credibility without over-the-top self-promotion

We wrote (and structured) Let’s E.A.T! to include every strand of Lisa’s expertise, from nutrition knowledge to professional bodybuilding to 1:1 coaching clients to personal stories. However, we wove these throughout the manuscript rather than bombard the reader at the beginning. Amateur writers try to prove their Credibility. Experts like Lisa just do it.

Watch this video to learn how we built Lisa’s Credibility into the book.

Pillar 2: Created a strong Connection between book's key takeaways and readers' top expectations

Lisa’s market struggles with yo-yo dieting and short-term results. In the early chapters of Let’s E.A.T!, we explained why they have these struggles. We knew that offering solutions without explaining the causes wouldn’t work for readers. That’s what it means to, “not just work IN your book, but ON your book.”

Watch this video to learn how we built Connection into Lisa’s book.

Pillar 3: Wove emotionally Compelling stories and examples throughout the manuscript

Nobody reads nutrition labels for fun. That’s why we opened up Lisa’s own life experiences to show that making wise eating and exercising choices can be a blast! As a result, Let’s E.A.T! is more than a nutrition blueprint, it’s an easy, enjoyable read that supports readers in making better decisions for themselves and their families – all without the guilt!

Watch this video to learn how we built Compelling content into the book.

Pillar 4: Fleshed out Lisa's strong Counter-Industry stance

“What if losing weight has nothing to do with weight loss?” We opened the book with this head-scratching question to signal one thing – What you’re about to read is unlike ANYTHING you’ve read on this topic before. Without naming (too many names), we call out fad diet peddlers with massive followings – despite the fact science discounted their advice years ago.

Watch this video to learn how Lisa’s book is as Counter-Industry as it gets.

Pillar 5: Constructed a strong Call-To-Action to send readers beyond the book

We based Let’s E.A.T! in part on Lisa’s flagship group coaching program. In the book, we strategically explored the hardest-to-grasp concepts to ease potential clients into her program. If you keep running into an unstoppable sales objection, chances are, your business needs an objection-handling book like Lisa’s.

Watch this video to learn how we crafted a non-spammy Call-To-Action.

Pillar 6: Positioned the book for mass market Circulation

The BISAC we selected for Let’s E.A.T! was HEA019000 HEALTH & FITNESS / Diet & Nutrition / Weight Loss. Even though the book gives universal nutrition tips, people who want to get in shape find them most useful. That’s why we “massaged” the material to appeal to people who are desperate for a nutrition solution to weight management. A Certified Ghostwriter will help you write the best version of your book for the most profitable audience, too.

Watch this video to learn how we worked mass market Circulation potential into the book.

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